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The MX Stackers offer an excellent compromise between price and performance.

The MX range is a strong product and has reinforced forks, a steel pulley and forks precisely driven by rollers. The machine is also equipped with a foot pedal to lift forks, which considerably reduces the operator’s effort.

Pramac MX Spec Details


The TX Series is a Manual Stacker with electro-hydraulic lifting technology.

The Version 12 (1.2 t) includes polyurethane wheels as standard to reduce resistance and effort required even when loaded to capacity.

Pramac TX12 Spec Details


The RX is the most compact of the Electric Stackers.

The RX allows for comfortable, safe use, with low maintenance costs. It also has a single mast suitable for loads up to 1,000 kg and elevation up to 1,600 mm.

Pramac RX10 Spec Details


The GX is both powerful and reliable.

The GX offers the ideal solution to manual handling in confined spaces. The use of high resistance steel, with numerous parts made from cast iron and the abs protection guard are some of the main features of this machine.

Pramac GX12 Spec Details


The LX Stacker is a strong and reliable product bridging the gap between light-duty and heavy-duty materials handling operations.

The LX is suitable for environments such as logistic centres, terminals, production and manufacturing areas. This is due to its durability and low maintenance costs. The new tiller arm is equipped with fork lifting and lowering proportional control which improves user-friendliness and manoeuvrability of the truck.

Pramac LX16 Spec Details

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